Hai Kim Hak

Hai Kim Hak, a 52 years old man, is a construction worker and there are 8 members in his family. He has got HIV about 2 years ago and he did not know when he has it since he has got sick seriously and his wife took him to have a blood test. His wife concerns too much about living with him and she has many times to have a blood test but the result is shown that she has no HIV.  All his family members are no HIV, but they are very poor.  A 100kg of rice spend only 25 days for his family.


The family needs:
–       Rice 125kg/month.

–        All the children school supply.

One of payment Cost:
– All the children school supply= $50

Monthly cost:

–        Rice 125kg x $0.63 –        $78.75
–        Fish souse 2 bottles x$0.75 –        $1.5
–        Soy souse 2 bottles x0.75 –        $1.5
–        Sugar 1 kg x $1 –        $1
–        Salt 1 kg x 0.75 –        $0.75
–        Cooking Oil 1 bottle x$1.75 –        $1.75
–        Garlic 0.5kg x$1 –        $0.5
–        Soup powder 0.5kg x$1.34 –        $0.7










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